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  1. Hi Peter,

    I came across your profile on Linkedin and went through your blog as well. I would like to discuss an opportunity to write a script for Delhi Tourism. We have a contract with Delhi Tourism to develop a location based tour guide and we are currently looking for competent writers to write the content for this. I am happy to share more details if you might be interested.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Dear Peter,

    Got your reference from Linked in,
    We here in need someone who can manage communication at our place
    Our key reqt = Should be able to take raw content whether points communicated directly or discussions during a meeting or from 3-4 existing documents and draft a precise, coherent document that is “85% correct”.

    The role will require researching information and drafting and preparation of communication and documents including written, presentation (ppt), and web content. Someone strong with English grammar would do. S/he will have the leverage of flexi hours, or may be can come for thrice a week to office n rest work from home

    If interested please revert back, or you can refer others as well

    e-Mail: soumya.sharma@bml.edu.in | http://www.bml.edu.in

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